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Pure Maple Syrup

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    Our Pure Maple Syrup comes from a nearly 100 year old farm in New York. Tree Juice Maple Syrup™ is made in the Catskills Mountains in New York, the Fairbairn family have owned and operated this 100+ acre farm since the 1930’s.

    In 2012, Jake, Ryan and Rae resurrected the family’s sugar shack, and began making the best New York Craft Maple Syrup under the name Tree Juice Maple Syrup™.

    Around 8500 maple trees on the farm are tapped each year. The sap is then boiled over a traditional wood-fired evaporator which turns it into our sweet stuff!

    We follow international grading standards, which were introduced to clarify confusion about maple syrup being called Garde A or Grade B.  Customers thought that Grade B meant a lesser product, but it actually just describes its flavor profile (like red wine, do you prefer Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot? they are both red wines, but with very different flavor profiles)

    We offer all four different grades (subject to availability).
    1) GOLDEN - Delicate Taste
    2) AMBER - Rich Taste
    3) DARK - Robust Taste (our most popular!)
    4) VERY DARK - Strong Taste (formerly known as Grade B)

    All Natural, Non GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Paleo.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 153 reviews
    Jay Sandys
    The Best

    Best maple syrup! My favorite is bourbon barrell.

    Michael Draggett
    Best maple

    Have tried many of the grocery store offerings over the years. They were all right yet don't compare to Tree Juice.
    Don't really enjoy many sweets but really enjoy maple in my morning coffee!

    Bill Montes
    Best maple syrup!

    Excellent product and service! Will definitely be ordering again. Loved the personalized card!

    Douglas Shehan
    Very dark

    Best maple syrup I’ve ever had.

    Best maple syrup

    Have been adding this to my breakfast for a year now and it is truly the best! The taste is amazing. Sent it to my family in Europe and they absolutely love it, too! Great gift for sure :)