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Garlic Maple Syrup

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    Tree Juice Maple Syrup™ is made in the Catskill Mountains of NY.

    We add roasted garlic to our pure maple syrup, transforming it into an amazing savory syrup that's great in salad dressings, marinades, grilled foods, roasts and more.

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    Damen Scranton
    They Should Sell The Large Bottles By The Case

    The garlic maple is my favorite of them all! It's that pure Tree Juice maple goodness with the perfect amount of garlic. You can definitely taste it, but it's subtle enough to keep you wanting more. The garlic maple is great on pancakes and waffles, but also excellent in BBQ sauces, marinades, salad dressings, soups, with caramelized root vegetables, in tea... I just drink it straight sometimes. If anyone you know appreciates garlic and/or maple syrup, buy this for them and they will like you more.

    So good on any meat

    I put this on just about any meat, especially when I cook on the grill or the smoker.

    Irene Vavulitsky

    Garlic Maple Syrup

    Garlic maple syrup

    I bought this maple syrup because I was intrigued by it. The flavor is not too strong and it’s perfect if you want to cook meat or fish like salmon. Perfect for salad too with walnut and cheese. Definitely a great product that I recommend !

    Delicious on Chicken and Broccoli

    I roasted chicken in this and sprinkled a little bit over my broccoli and it was amazing. Great Product!