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Cinnamon Maple Syrup

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    Made with only two ingredients: our 100% pure Tree Juice Maple Syrup infused with organic cinnamon sticks, giving it a sweet and spicy hint of cinnamon.

    Enjoy on your pancakes, waffles, ice cream or oatmeal.  Its also great for baking!

    Customer Reviews

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    Joseph Gagliano
    My favorite 🤩!

    My favorite Syrup but I will like to try out other syrups from Tree Juice, definitely will purchase it again

    Bryan Shay
    Great Product!

    Excellent flavor, and very quick delivery. Thank you!

    Kyle Kenehan
    Cinna-YUM Maple Syrup

    Cinnamon Maple Syrup was absolutely unequivocally delicious! If you’re like me, labeling a product as cinnamon, you’ve already sold me, but I still have to try it to give my full endorsement - you could sell me a lemon, and I would buy it under the pretense that it tastes just like cinnamon! That being said, Tree Juice Cinnamon-infused Maple Syrup was just the right mix of syrupy goodness (a breakfast table staple) and cinnamon flavor (favorite spice to keep around, in case I’m about to have dessert, coffee, pancakes, liver and onions, etc etc)! I highly recommend this product, and I highly commend the Tree Juice company for producing and delivering it to the world! (Shout outs to the bark of the cinnamon tree, and all Maple Trees of the Earth)

    Best review EVER! Thanks Kyle!

    Brandie Martin
    Holy WOW!

    I am never disappointed with any of the syrups I order from these guys 😁 and now that I've tried the cinnamon syrup idk if I can ever go back to just plain old stuff from the grocery store. Well done guys, good on ya!

    Gregory Murphy
    TOP SHELF!!!

    Great taste!